Oil massage & energy

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Nature of this service: 
Passionate and Core Business
For this offer I accept: 

Oil massage and/or energy work preceded by a little conversation to find out what you want and need right then, right there.

Oil massage (inspired by Californian massage):
Long unifying movements, vigorous muscle manipulations, stretching, rocking and relaxing. The massage also increases blood flow and circulation.
You should be either fully undressed or wearing minimal clothing, and will be draped in towels.

Energy treatment (inspired by Reiki):
Administered by laying on hands and/or at a distance, this healing technique will channel energy into your energy field, to activate the natural healing processes of your body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
It can be booked as a separate treatment (fully dressed), and will always be present in an oil massage.

Both are used to treat the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and can be accompanied by breathing and grounding exercises. Gain relaxation, confidence, a better body conscience, and feelings of peace, grounding and well-being.

April - June 2012: Rue Bâtonnier Braffort near Montgomery and Mérode
from September 2012: near place Flagey (rue Jean Paquot)

Contribution for Hub members:
option A) 9€/15 minutes, expenses included
option B) 2 Hubees/hour & 5€ for expenses
option C) half & half (e.g. for 1 hour: 20€ & 1 Hubee, expenses included)

Contact me for a 1/2 hour, an hour or a 75 minutes session (duration can be adjusted).

0476 99 80 51